Submit Data

To populate the Geothermodat database, the published data must first be digitized. This task involves manually entering the data into Excel spreadsheets.

The data are organized into these categories:

  • Equation of state
  • Phase reaction
  • Heat capacity
  • Aqueous reaction

Each category requires one spreadsheet per paper.

Repository structure

  • /papers/pdfs folder contains:
    • PDF copies of all papers from which data are contributed to the respository.
    • A .bib file that contains each paper's BibTex key.
  • /data folder contains subfolders for the Excel templates. The subfolders also contain the completed Excel files (in general, named according to author and year of publication).

Filling out the spreadsheets

1. Add a PDF copy of the published paper

Place a PDF copy of the published paper into the /papers/pdfs folder.

2. Obtain the paper's reference information

  1. Make sure that JabRef (bibliography manager) is installed.
  2. In JabRef, open the data-sources.bib file, located in the /papers/pdfs folder.
  3. Drag a copy of the paper's citation file onto JabRef.The publication ID number (or BibTeX number) and other reference information appears on the Reference and General tabs in JabRef. You need this information to complete the spreadsheets.

2. Complete the required spreadsheets

Complete the required spreadsheets: