Codegen Examples (Jupyter notebooks)ΒΆ

The Notebooks/Codegen folder contains Jupyter notebooks that generate code for the example notebooks. They are in development and subject to change.

Modules used:
  • Coder
  • Coder Templates
  • Berman-plus-BM

  • Berman-std-state

  • Berman-SymPy-Testing

    Demonstrates how to create C-code for calculating standard state properties using the model framework of Berman (1988).

  • Convergent-Ordering-Solution

    Not yet implemented.

  • Helmholtz-to-Gibbs

  • Non-convergent-Ordering-Solution

  • Simple-Solution

  • Simple-Solution-SymPy-Testing

    Demonstrates how to create C-code for calculating n-component solution properties using a simple configurational entropy model and excess enthalpies defined by an asymmetric sub-regular solution with ternary terms. Generates code for a feldspar solid solution as an example implementation.

  • Stixrude-Debye