DEW (Deep Earth Water) Examples (Jupyter notebooks)

The Notebooks/DEW folder contains Jupyter notebooks that implement various calculations involving DEW, the Deep Earth Water model (Sverjensky et al., 2014, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 129, 125-145).

Module used:
  • Phases

The links below access static versions only. You can access executable versions from the Notebooks folder in the repository.

❇️ PhaseObjC - DEW Quartz Solubility

Shows how to calculate quartz solubility in aqueous solutions using the Deep Earth Water model.

❇️ PhaseObjC - DEW Standard State Properties

Shows how to calculate standard state properties of ions and neutral species using parameters from the Deep Earth Water model.

❇️ PhaseObjC - Solution Phase Example

Illustrates how to calculate a variety of thermodynamic properties given a specified fluid composition using the Deep Earth Water model.