PhaseBase Class

Class Inheritance

NSObject ▶️ PhaseBase

Protocols Implemented



🔹 Chemical formula of the phase. A custom setter routine is defined to assign the property. This class automatically initializes the formula conversion array and molecular weight.

@property (nonatomic, readwrite, copy) NSString phaseFormula; 

🔹 Name of the phase

@property (readwrite, copy) NSString phaseName

🔹 Molecular weight of the phase. Computed when formula is set. Reeadonly.

@property (readwrite, assign) double mw

🔹 Number of moles of each element calculated from the phase formula. Computed when formula is set. Reeadonly.

@property (readonly) DoubleVector formulaAsElementArray

🔹 Entropy of the elements calculated from phase stoichiometry using values tabulated by Robie, Hemingway and Fisher (1979) USGS Bull 1452

@property (readwrite, assign) double entropyFromRobieEtAl1979

Class Methods

🔹 Name of element from element index

+(NSString *)elementNameFromAtomicNumber:(NSUInteger)atomicNumber

Instance Methods

🔹 Moles of elements (standard order) => Moles of phase

-(double)convertElementsToMolesOfPhase:(double )e

🔹 Moles of elements (standard order) => Total mass of the phase (g)

-(double)convertElementsToMassOfPhase:(double )e